• The Responsibilities of a Home Addition Contractor

    You do not need to move out of your home when you need extra living space. A home addition contractor can create an extension to increase the living space in your home. The excerpt below details the responsibilities of a home addition contractor once you hire them to create a home extension. Assessing the Project's Viability The contractor's first task is to assess the project's viability. Typically, they ask for the building's blueprints to determine whether the existing structural features can support the new loads.
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  • Understanding Cladding Materials: A Homeowner's Guide

    Cladding comes with many benefits, besides adding an extra layer of protection to your home against weathering, corrosion and other damages. It is also low maintenance, enhances your home's aesthetic value and improves its thermal and acoustic insulation, among several other benefits. However, like many home additions, cladding comes in several material options. Each cladding material has unique properties that make it ideal for different applications. Therefore, it would be best to understand a thing or two about the different cladding materials available in the market to select the best option for your home.
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