How a Kitchen Island Enhances a Home

Posted on: 20 December 2022

When planning a kitchen renovation, you may consider installing an island. It will add to the functionality and aesthetics of your home. Here's how.

Extra Countertop Area

If you don't have ample benchtop space in the kitchen, it can make food preparation difficult and discourage you from cooking complicated meals. A kitchen island is a perfect way to correct this. Because they can be constructed in diverse shapes, islands can provide relatively broad benchtops and allow you to cook anything you want. Some foods, such as homemade pies, require you to roll out pastry, and you need a wide surface to do this. When standing before an island, you're typically not directly facing a wall, so the experience is more pleasant as well.

Extra Storage

A kitchen island also supplies additional storage, so you can feel organised in the kitchen. You can include extra cupboards, drawers, and a spot to contain a rubbish bin out of sight. If you have enough wall cabinetry, you can include items that you've always wanted, such as a wine rack. You might choose to store the crockery in the island storage, as it's close to the dining table.

Social Hub

An island is surrounded by floor space, so it allows your friends and family to gather together on all sides. If you have a party, the island is the perfect spot on which to place drinks, functioning as a bar of sorts. Plus, you can put stools or chairs against an overhanging bench, where you can sit and enjoy toast and coffee in the morning. You can adapt a custom island to how you live in the kitchen. In a long room, you could add an extended counter at a lower level to create an assigned dining area. This spot may also be ideal for study or work-from-home tasks.

Focal Point

You may want to design most of your kitchen in neutral, reserved tones in case you decide to sell your home in the future. But to stop the room from appearing drab, you can turn the island into a gorgeous focal point. If the rest of the cabinetry is white, you could make the island cabinets a striking matte black or a rich green. You can contrast the island countertop as well. For example, install a white marble with dark streaks on the island that stands out from the timber benches in the rest of the room. Another way to make the island pop is to hang a stylish pendant or chandelier overhead.


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