Tips When Renovating Your Kitchen

Posted on: 22 September 2021

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a home. It's the hub of food preparation and where family and friends get together. When renovating this space, it can be overwhelming with so many choices of materials, colours and layouts. To help you create a beautiful and practical kitchen, here are some tips.

Using the Current Footprint

One way to save money during a kitchen remodel is to stick with the current footprint or layout. If you leave the sink, oven and large appliances where they currently are, you won't need to pay for extra plumbing pipes to new areas. Nor will you have to extend the electrical circuitry to the new spots. Similarly, pulling down walls and establishing them in a new place will add to construction costs. Though, changing the layout may be one of the main reasons for remodelling the kitchen in the first place. In that case, the extra expense may be well worth it.


There's no doubt that granite and marble create beautiful benchtops. However, natural stone can be expensive. Rather than trying to keep within your budget by avoiding these lovely counters altogether, you could place them in a limited area in the kitchen, such as on a kitchen island. That way, you'll emphasise the island as a focal point. Contrasting the rock against other more everyday materials such as laminate will highlight its beauty even further.


When planning your kitchen remodel, work out how you intend to use the space. Once, these rooms were exclusively for cooking and food preparation. Now, kitchens are also a place to socialise, study and enjoy reading the newspaper. If that's what you want in your home, the space needs to allow for these multiple activities.

The kitchen work triangle refers to the placement of the sink, stove and fridge. It should be easy to move about efficiently when preparing food. Ideally, if you're cutting vegetables, you should be near the sink to easily rinse them afterwards.

To make the kitchen more sociable, consider a kitchen island or peninsula bench with chairs so that you can eat and drink in the kitchen rather than having to go to a separate dining room. Lighting is also crucial to multi-functional spaces. Pendant lighting over an island can provide illumination for reading. Under-cabinet lights can make the countertops easier to work on. Putting the different lighting sources on separate switches will let you control the ambience and mood depending on how you're using the kitchen at that particular time.


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