Reasons to Focus on the Lighting During Your Bathroom Renovation

Posted on: 22 March 2021

You may not think lighting is the most important aspect of your bathroom renovations. However, the lighting creates the lens through which you see and experience the bathroom. It affects how all the different surfaces appear and the overall mood. Consider the following reasons why you should concentrate on lighting during bathroom renovations.

Create Practical Grooming Light

If you install one basic light on the ceiling, then when you stand in front of the mirror to brush your hair, clean your teeth, or shave, your face will likely be cast in shadow. So you won't be able to groom yourself properly. To create the best illumination, install lights on either side of the mirror so that your face is lit evenly. Overhead lights can cast unflattering shadows and make your face look older, so I avoid lighting solely from above.

Adjust the Mood and Atmosphere

If you install mixed lighting types in different places, you can change the bathroom's mood with the flick of a few switches. You could fit recessed lights across the ceiling for even soft illumination and attach sconces on either side of the mirror. Other options include hidden lighting. Why not build recessed shelves with an overhang and hide lighting underneath to create a subtle, subdued effect?

With these various options at your disposal, you could turn on recessed lights when you're showering in the morning. You can then turn on the mirror lights as you're getting ready for the day. If you want a soft romantic mood, you could turn on the hidden lights or just the wall sconces. Of course, for you to achieve these different lighting effects, the various globes will require separate switches. Adding dimmers will also help provide ultimate control.

Decorate and Flatter the Bathroom

Light fixtures can also be a decorative feature in themselves. You could add a chandelier or an attractive pendant light to enhance a lovely bathroom. Good lighting will also flatter the bathroom components. One harsh overhead light trying to do everything won't show off stone or ceramic tiles or a timber vanity in their best light. More subtle, even lighting rather than a bright glary spotlight will achieve this best.

LED lights come in all different colours, which you can mix and match. You could install LED lights that mimic natural daylight around the mirror. Other options include various shades of white, some warm and others cool.


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