Elements That Will Add a Rustic Chic Aesthetic to Your Home Renovation

Posted on: 14 December 2020

The slew of logistics that go into planning home renovations can be overwhelming. From selecting the right building supplies to ensuring that you engage in a sustainable project, making these decisions can be a daunting task to the average homeowner. So to get your bearings, it is essential that you start with a specific style in mind, as this will influence a multitude of choices.

Although there has been a steady shift toward contemporary residential design in recent years, it should be noted that some classic themes are bound to never go out of style due to the distinct character they add to a space. And one such theme is rustic chic home design. Rather than merely sticking to a colour palette distinguished by browns and greys, here are additional elements you can consider that will add a rustic chic aesthetic to your home renovation.

Opt for salvaged wood for your timber elements

One guiding factor when selecting materials for your rustic chic home renovation is that old is gold. Rather than choose shiny new lumber for your wood applications, it is best to opt for reclaimed timber that will add character to your space. This option is great for the environment as the repurposing of salvaged wood helps minimise wastage of resources while reducing the amount of organic matter that ends up in landfills. Another advantage of salvaged wood is its inherent strength.

The structural soundness of the lumber that made it ideal for use in its previous applications will come in handy when you are looking integrate exposed structural beams, hard-wearing flooring and more into your rustic chic home renovation. Lastly, reclaimed timber has a unique appearance that makes it a visually pleasing inclusion for your renovation project. Thus, not only is this material functional but it can also be utilised as a feature wall, visually interesting cabinet doors and more.

Choose metal hardware around the house

Although timber is the foremost supply associated with a rustic theme, this is not the only material that will bring this vision to life in your home renovation. Another element that will provide you with both form and function is metal hardware. However, do not gravitate towards lustrous metals such as chrome, gold and stainless steel. Instead, go for muted alternatives in the form of black iron or unpolished bronze.

Black iron would be a great way to make your cabinet knobs and drawer handles stand out since this stark colour will pop against an earthy backdrop. On the other hand, if you want your reclaimed timber to seem like it has aged in place, you should consider oil rubbed bronze as your choice metal hardware. The dark appearance of this decorative metal brings about the sense of having aged along with the salvaged timber, which adds a timeless appeal to your rustic chic aesthetic.


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