5 Signs That Your Home Needs Underpinning

Posted on: 28 August 2020

Underpinning refers to the construction of a new and deeper footing under the existing house to stop it from moving and help stabilize it. With your house being one of your largest investments and one of the most important ones, you need to remain alert with issues that pertain to its structural integrity. If your foundation is compromised, your house could be in serious trouble and risk total collapse. This is where underpinning comes in. Continue reading for 5 warning signs that your house needs underpinning. 

The House Is Leaning on One Side

Your house should not be leaning on either side. If you notice that it is, this is a sure sign that your foundation is damaged and your house needs underpinning. Usually, by the time your house is leaning on one side, you have missed other clear signs and your house is in deep trouble. It would be best if you and your family sought shelter elsewhere until you have received an all-clear from the contractor that your home is safe again.

Cracks in the Floor and Walls

As a homeowner, you should constantly inspect your house to ensure you notice if anything is a miss. If you notice cracks on your walls and floors, know that your house's foundation is damaged and needs underpinning. Usually, the cracks are on the interior. However, sometimes, you'll notice the crack has extended to the exterior of the house. Cracks that are related to the foundation of the house are usually large enough to fit one finger.

Sloping or Sinking Floor

Your floors should be equal as long as they are on the same level. If you notice that your floors are either sinking, creating a depression, or sloping on one side, you need to get an expert urgently. This is a sign that the foundation of your house is unstable or in motion. 

Jamming Windows and Doors

If you were previously able to close or open your doors, and suddenly you aren't, something has changed. If the foundation of your house is sinking, it can cause issues with doors and windows. Where you would have closed the door seamlessly, it will stick. Windows and their frames are also misaligned. Before the problem escalates and you're trapped inside a compromised house, call a contractor as soon as possible. 

Skirting Board Is Separating From the Walls

The house's skirting is usually attached to the walls. If there are visible gaps between the wall and the skirting, the foundation of the house is suffering from movement issues. Most likely, the contractor will suggest underpinning to prevent the problem from escalating.

If your house needs underpinning, you need the problem to go away forever. Ensure you get an expert and experienced contractor to rectify the situation before it escalates.

For more information, reach out to a local underpinning service.


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