Time for a Bathroom Redesign? Where to Get Inspiration

Posted on: 22 June 2018

When it comes to renovation at home, the bathroom is usually a great place to start. As this is one of the most important rooms in the house, it should retain your focus and be a priority on your budget as you make it more practical, inviting and luxurious in one fell swoop. If you're planning on bathroom renovations this summer, where do you start?

Introducing a New Type of Bathtub

Do you have elderly people living in your home? Perhaps your parents have moved into a 'granny' flat at one end of the house, or maybe you have reached mature years yourself and want everything at home to be more practical. In this situation, a traditional bath can be something of a hurdle to overcome. Elderly people and those with disabilities may find it very difficult to enter and exit the bath, especially when it is wet and somewhat slippery. To overcome this situation but retain the attraction of the bath itself, consider replacing it with a walk-in tub.

These products look like a traditional bathtub, except they have a hinged door at one end which can be opened and closed to allow entry and exit. They are specially designed to be waterproof and will normally also include a built-in seating component. Many people look at these units and consider introducing one to their home anyway, even if accessibility is not an issue.

Consolidating Space

If your bathroom is quite crowded and you feel that you cannot enjoy it as much as you should, then perhaps you should consolidate some of the space. It's possible that you have a bathtub and a shower enclosure and may want to get rid of one or other of these. As you do so, you can convert what was an unwanted shower space into a much larger, relaxing and comfortable bathtub with designer taps and other luxury components. Conversely, you could get rid of that bathtub and introduce a huge, walk in shower with glass enclosure and swinging door. You might even make the shower large enough for two people to enjoy at the same time, with separate taps.

General Redesigning

If you don't want to go as far as that, you can definitely spice up the design of the bathroom by introducing new doors to the shower, matching hardware, a new colour scheme and different wall surrounds that match the texture and trim throughout.

Kicking off Your Plan

Use your imagination and talk with bathroom renovation specialists, so that you can create your new masterpiece for all the family to enjoy.


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