5 Custom Joinery Ideas To Try When Remodeling Your Home

Posted on: 26 September 2016

Whether you're preparing your home for sale or just need to create a new look after many years of use, a remodelling is a great way to go about it. Instead of just getting any kind of makeover, you can seek to make your home really stand out by checking out custom joinery services to give your home that extra edge. In this article, familiarise yourself with 5 great custom joinery ideas that will give you that result.     


After years of being trodden upon, your old staircase can get wobbly or simply may have lost its charm. You can have your contractor install a strong bespoke staircase that is designed just to fit your needs. For starters, the staircase can be built from timber with the right shade to match with the rest of your furniture, e.g. floors, ceiling, etc. Your custom staircase can also be built to your exact specifications in regard to the size of the steps and the landings as well as the balustrades.

Shelving units

Any home can do with a bit of shelving space. Installing shelving units during your remodelling will help to delcutter your home, thus creating more space. You can order shelving units for your books and literature, electronics, shoes, wine collections and more. Through custom joinery, your shelving units can be built as a stand-alone unit or as a wall-mounted unit. Shelving can also feature measured storage slots to fit your intended items perfectly.

Kitchen cabinets

The kitchen is a great candidate for remodels. And whether you're remodelling the entire house or just the kitchen, the cabinets are one area that could greatly benefit from custom joinery. Your contractor can design and install cabinets with the right size, reach and dimensions just for you. They can also install custom fittings such as hinges and knobs to suit your tastes, not to forget the colour and finishing of your liking.

Bedroom wardrobes

Bathroom wardrobes are another superb item for custom joinery remodels. With a custom wardrobe in place, you can store all your clothes and shoes in just the right order you like. You and your contractor can design a unit with designated slots for your suits, shirts, jumpers, shoes, bedding and all your other laundry.

Bathroom vanity

Last but not least, how about a custom bathroom vanity? Being 100 percent custom-made, it will have just the right height for your convenience and it will feature the exact storage space you need for your towels and other bathroom supplies. A bathroom vanity will also allow you to fit other custom additions such as sinks, mirrors, bench tops, etc.

Custom joinery services give you the power of having furniture and fixtures built just how you want and exactly where you want them. And there's no better time to do that than when carrying out a remodel.


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