Creating an Easy-to-Clean Kitchen

Posted on: 29 August 2016

It's rare to find someone who actually enjoys cleaning their kitchen. Unfortunately, with older kitchens it can be quite a battle to keep them looking and smelling clean. If you are looking to make your kitchen easier to clean it might be time to think about kitchen renovationsHere are some hints to make sure any change you make to the space also mean it's easy and quick to clean.

Ditch the tiled splashback

Splashbacks are designed to take the brunt of sizzling dishes and splashing soups so having a tile splashback is not always the best idea for right behind the stovetop. Instead, opt for an easy-to-wipe-down glass or steel splashback made from a single piece of material. It will save you time and energy and add a modern flair to your new kitchen. 

Choose mid-toned colours for benches and floors

While white quickly shows stains and coloured mess, having a very dark benchtop can also be a mistake as it tends to show wear and scratches more quickly. A great option for your benchtops is a mid-tone, like a neutral slate grey or brown, so that every bit of mess or imperfection is not as glaringly obvious. A similar idea is useful on the floors so that muddy footprints from pets or children don't require constant mopping. 

Choose a smooth floor surface or large floor tiles

The floor is another area where splashes and grime can easily show up. While patterned tiles often look great when first installed, using a small tile means there are lots of spaces for grime to build and stain the grout. Opting for a smoother floor such as a polished concrete, or at a minimum large tiles, can make it much easier to keep your kitchen looking fab. 

Have an extendable sink spray

If you often cook for a crowd you can find yourself elbow deep in large pots and pans after a big meal. Having a movable sink head can make it easier to aim a high powered squirt of hot water in the crevices and corners of these dishes so that they are much easier to clean. It can also be a good idea to have a dedicated drying rack that matches your dish so that you are not setting up temporary drying racks around the kitchen. 

Contact a remodelling contractor to discuss what might suit your home and your lifestyle.


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