Save Money on Your Bathroom Remodelling Project with 8 Simple Tips

Posted on: 13 June 2016

Nobody likes an old unsightly bathroom – stained tubs and loo bowls, old fixtures, broken tiles and chipping paint – but a complete remodel could cost a lot more than your pocket has. However, you don't have to install a gold toilet and pink bathtub surrounded by 10 candle-spaces and decorative lights to enjoy your alone-time. Establishing a balance between thrift and luxury can get you the bathroom you want without having to auction a kidney in the black market. Learn how in the paragraphs below:

1. Get a contractor

Renovations/remodelling jobs are big projects; nothing like changing a lightbulb or painting your garage. Getting a professional will ensure that the job doesn't get screwed up by your inexperience, which will ultimately be more costly. However, insist on choosing materials yourself so that you don't incur extra costs for the contractor's shopping time, transport etc. That way, you can get different items in different places and get exactly what you want.  

2. Replace, don't move

Keep you old bathroom the way it is, and instead replace the fixtures with new ones. Moving stuff around – the shower, sink, tub etc. – means that your contractor will have to tamper with electrical wiring and plumbing, and that'll cost a whole lot more. Additionally, you may have to get local council permits if you're making major changes like altering electrical and plumbing systems.

3. Paint and accessorize

You'll never imagine what difference a simple paint-job can do to a space, and it's cheap too. Pick a lovely colour (not white) that goes with your fixtures, especially if you can't afford to replace those. Complement your paint job with new accessories like the shower curtain, floor rugs, bath mats, bath sheets and an antique vase. You can get unique pieces in online sites like EBay and Etsy for a bargain.

4. Get a new showerhead

Replacing the showerhead isn't costly, and it will instantly change the look and feel of your bathroom. There's a world of choice in colour and design, from massage to rain showerheads; whatever tickles your fancy will work.

5. Shop online, a lot!

Research is your best friend when you're on a budget. Go online and compare prices of fixtures and vanities; visit big-box stores and second-hand shop websites. From the comfort of your home, you can find amazing offers and deals in different places, affordably creating a space that's truly unique.

6. Ask for granite remnants

Shops that sell granite often have smaller granite bits they can't sell for major projects, but which would be ideal for your small bathroom vanity. Call in at local shops and then drop by to choose and negotiate significant discounts.

7. Luxury tiles aren't a must

You can find nice tiles for your walls and floor from the normal price range, and then give them a facelift by accenting with luxury tiles in different designs. If you really want the luxury tiles, consider only tiling the wet areas – around the shower/tub and sink – and using drywall for the rest of the space.

8. Other ideas

Instead of an expensive glass enclosure, you can use a shower curtain on a rod to separate the bath area from the rest of the bathroom. Reframe your existing mirror creatively, or get a framed mirror for your vanity. That simple change can glam up the space within minutes!


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