How to Manage a Bathroom Renovation for a Small Space

Posted on: 31 May 2016

A small bathroom can be a challenge for anyone, but if you're renovating the space, you have the chance to add storage and open up the floor plan in a way that suits you. It's important to take time before the renovation work begins to consider how you can address the smaller space effectively rather than just putting in new models of the same fixtures; note a few tips on how to do this.

1. Remove the tub 

When was the last time you soaked in a bathtub? If you don't really use the tub, it can be good to get rid of it altogether. Replace that area with a walk-in shower enclosure that takes up less floor space and which might make the space look more open and more spacious. Use a glass shower screen to keep the space open and airy.

2. Scale down the vanity

You might like a vanity under the sink and they can certainly offer more storage in what would otherwise be a waste space, but you might also want to scale yours down. If you have a vanity with drawers on one side that you don't use, choose a model that is just a cupboard. Opt for one just the width of the sink and no wider so you'll have storage but aren't using more floor space than necessary.

3. Knock back the wall

When putting in a new shower enclosure or the tile around the shower area, cut back the area between the wall studs and framing and tile in this area. This creates shelving in the tub itself so you don't need as many shelves and storage areas elsewhere in the bathroom. You can knock back the wall area outside the tub as well; create these small enclosed shelves next to the bathroom window or mirror for your small toiletry items.

4. Get creative with hooks and towel bars

When planning the space, note where you can add hooks and towel bars that are out of the way of foot traffic but which can mean easily hanging up a robe, extra towels, and the like. This can mean not needing as much shelf space for folding up all those extra towels. If you plan the hooks and towel bars when planning the renovation, you might find that you want to scale back the size of the mirror to fit a few towel bars next to it, or choose blinds rather than curtains on a window so they don't get in the way of the hooks you can place next to it.


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