How to Choose the Right Material for a Kitchen Benchtop

Posted on: 22 April 2016

Putting in a new benchtop can give your kitchen a completely new and updated look, and it can also help with keeping your kitchen cleaner if it means a material that is less likely to hold bacteria and dirt. Today, there is a wide variety of materials you might choose for a benchtop, and since you want to ensure you're happy with the choice for years to come, note a few tips for making your choice.

1. Granite, marble

Granite and marble are two very popular types of stone, and these can break up the look of wood cabinets and cupboards; they also work well for traditional designs as well as modern décor. They both need to be sealed on a regular basis, so don't assume that they will never need maintenance. Note too that they are both very heavy, so you might need to brace up your home's subfloor, depending on the size of your kitchen benchtops and condition of the floors.

2. Timber

A butcher-block style benchtop can create a very natural and rustic look. Timber is very durable, but it is very porous and needs to be sealed regularly. For an eco-friendly choice, opt for recycled timber or slats and pieces made from reclaimed wood. Bamboo is also very eco-friendly, as bamboo trees grow very quickly, and they can be easily replaced; bamboo can also be painted or stained if you don't like its natural shade.

3. Glass

Glass is very good for benchtops, as it's not porous so it provides more protection against bacteria and germs seeping into small cracks and crevices. Glass may also be applied in one long piece so there is no grout used; this too means less dirt that might settle into grout lines. Glass benchtops can be made from recycled or reclaimed pieces, and glass brightens up a small and dark kitchen since it bounces around light and makes a space brighter and larger.

4. Laminates

A laminate benchtop is made of layers of paper over which is a durable, decorative finish. Laminates can look like stone, granite, and other materials, but one drawback is that there is a wide range of quality when it comes to laminate manufacturers. Be sure to look for a good warranty for any laminate benchtop and always shop for laminates made for benchtops in particular; don't assume laminate floor tiles or wall tiles will hold up against the wear and tear of food prep, hot pans, and the like.


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